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Freeride Electric Adventure Tours – Rainforest Bike Ride

$75 each

Breathe clean forest air, cross freshwater streams and hear the rushing of wind through the trees as you pedal and coast your way through the world’s most ancient rainforest.

Tour Details

Cape Tribulation Tours where you glide through the lush greenery while leaving the treasured rainforest environment just as you found it as you explore the Daintree Rainforest, home to more diversity and wonder than anywhere else on the planet.

Using the latest e-bike technology on your adventure into the rainforest, your effort is magnified up to 300 percent on our Bosch powered, high-performance mountain bikes so you can climb hills and traverse the jaw-dropping landscape with ease and comfort.

In groups of up to eight, you’ll experience a thrilling rainforest eco-tour, where no two bike rides are ever the same as an experienced guide to show you around the amazing World Heritage-listed areas.

Cross creeks and climb slopes with ease, as you follow our trails through the wild and rugged forestry on trails suited to all abilities.

Experience creek crossings and spot wildlife as we go deep into the rugged rainforest with our passionate team dedicated to preserving this truly unique location while providing our guests with an outstanding experience.

Need To Know

  • Bookings required by 4pm the day prior to tour.
  • Tour duration approximately 1 hour.
  • Cape Tribulation tours depart at 9.30am, 11am, 2.30pm & 4pm.
  • Pick-up available in Cape Tribulation.
  • Self-drive meet at Mason’s Store & Cafe.

What To Bring

  • Enclosed shoes
  • Swimmers
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle